Cole Chance – Sober Yogi

“I was shaking and detoxing on my mat. Everything about me was horrid and everything around me was so beautiful.”

All ears on: Cole Chance.

She was an alcoholic and drug addict for many years. Nothing seemed to work to get rid of her addiction, until Cole dropped into a yoga class in a drug and alcohol treatment center. She did not stop with her self-destructive behavior, but whenever there was a moment of sobriety, she did some asanas to get into more contact with herself. Her life started to change in small steps, back and forth: Imagine her drinking organic wine and reading buddhist books with one eye open. Doing therapy that helped her, but the 12 steps program of Alcoholics Anonymous not working for her. Imagine her being again in hospital with an overdose. When Cole was about to die, she decided that she wants to live.

“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anïas Nin

Since 7 years she is a sober yogi. She teaches yoga all over the world, leads retreats and is involved in addiction recovery community.

In Bali she taught yoga and meditation in a notorious prison. Cole shares her experience with female balinese prisoners with us. Also we talk about her long way to free herself from addiction, about frustration, anger, longing for adrenalin and intensitiy, risky behavior, exploring things that are uncomfortable, yoga being medicine, teaching yoga for prisoners, getting out of the head, the lessons of contact dance and hope.
I am grateful to have met her on my journey.

Check her out:

She also teaches on youtube.

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